How It Works

Real Numbers. Real Fast.

Cost-Cruncher is the only tool that allows self-employed business owners like you to quickly calculate your pricing. It includes the ability to set your salary and work hours, estimate your overhead and see how your prices effect your actual bottom line… all in just minutes.

To start, you simply enter your desired salary and copy your expenses from a recent P&L (profit and loss) report. Don’t have a report? No problem. You can just estimate your costs. Then, you simply fill in how many hours you typically spend on your tasks.

Once you’ve entered your info, Cost-Cruncher really gets good. You can specify the products you offer, what you charge for them and even how many you plan to sell. Cost-Cruncher will automatically calculate your income, costs, overhead and profits… including EVERYTHING that you do for your business.

Have several products? No problem. Cost-Cruncher can handle that. Want to tweak your pricing or try out something new? Cost-Cruncher will update in real time to show you how small changes can effect your bottom line. Want to see how a new employee will affect your profits? Changing one number will get you results in seconds.

Using Cost-Cruncher is the easiest way to get a picture of your real numbers. Since it updates instantly, you never have to wait for reports or even submit your data anywhere. Plus, with 1 year of unlimited use, you can come back and play with your numbers whenever something changes. You’ve never seen a calculator like Cost-Cruncher. Sign up now!