Know Your Numbers.

Pricing is hard. Well, it used to be.

As small business owners, we were growing tired of seeing our peers undervalue themselves because they didn’t know their numbers. We noticed that more and more people were guessing at their pricing instead of doing the complex calculations required to price themselves for profit.

So, we took a much-beloved, homemade spreadsheet and created Cost-Cruncher… an amazingly easy tool for calculating profit.

Understanding the Problem.

Before sending Cost-Cruncher out to the masses, we made two videos to help describe the pricing problem. The first gives tips for how the self-employed can avoid common mistakes when pricing themselves…

Second, we dove into the numbers to show the areas that most people miss and how we calculate all the costs that go into our businesses…

Creating the Solution.

Cost-Cruncher is an easy tool that allows you to plug in your desired salary, the numbers you know (and guesses for the ones you don’t). Then it does real-time calculations to show how much you need to work to break even, what you’re making per hour and what your profit margins are for every job you perform. It’s super simple and gives business owners the tools that they’ve always wanted to easily check and compare their what they offer.

Ready to Dive in?

Head over to our Sign Up page to start using Cost-Cruncher right now. It’s $49 for 1 year of unlimited access and calculations… with no recurring payments. Sign Up and start protecting your profits now.